HID card, tag, keyfob

HID Global delivers a complete solution of secure smart card IDs and credentials in a variety of form factors for physical and logical access control as well as converged solutions for building and computer access, transit payment, cashless vending, biometrics and other applications.

HID provides the industry’s broadest range of smart card-based credentials such as cards, tags and keyfobs. As part of its portfolio, HID offers non technology IDs as well as single technology, multi technology, and contact chip-based smart cards.

iCLASS SE® platform solutions also include SIO-enabled credentials featuring multi-layered security beyond the smart card technology for maximum security and added protection to identity data.

Whether customers utilize HID Global’s extensive FARGO printer portfolio for their secure issuance needs or HID’s Secure Identity Services that include the Corporate 1000, Priority Plus, Elite programming and Identity on Demand card personalization services for graphical or technology customization, customers can rely on HID Global to provide a comprehensive range of products, solutions and services to fit their needs.

Based on existing standards, Genuine HID credentials are also designed for interoperability with third party solutions that support smart card-based technology. 

M.Q.O. 100pcs

Pack 100pcs - DuoProx® card

M.Q.O. 100pcs
Proxkey III

Pack 100pcs - ProxKey® III Keyfob

M.Q.O. 100pcs

Pack 100pcs - ISOProx® card

M.Q.O. 100pcs

Pack 100pcs - MicroProx® Tag

M.Q.O. 100 pcs

Pack 100pcs - iCLASS® card

M.Q.O. 100pcs
iclass key

Pack 100pcs - iCLASS® Key II

M.Q.O. 100 PCS
iclass tag

Pack 100pcs - iCLASS® Tag

M.Q.O. 100 pcs

Pack 100pcs - iCLASS® Clamshell Card

M.Q.O. 10 pcs
Crescendo C1150

Pack 10pcs - Crescendo® C1150

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